I am posting this late because of my move to Turkey and I have been spending my time trying to find a job and reacquainting myself with this wonderful country. I initially wrote this post in Madrid a couple weeks …

James says:
The feelings are mutual Grant. A great pleasure it was walking alongside you more
Aunt Krsten says:
Will you go back to the Camino? more

Before I continue, I must apologize. This post is an impassioned rant as a result of an event I witnessed in the Madrid Airport. I work really hard to be a good diplomat for my country. I always go the …

The Truth says:
You just wanted a reason to rant haha. The other American is a dick no doubt,... more
Derek says:
Guess it wouldn’t have been following the Golden Rule to call the other... more

This is part one of a collection of thoughts, revelations, and conversations that I have had while walking alone and with other people while walking the Camino de Santiago – This couldn’t possibly have been an ancient Roman road. Far …

Derek says:
Hahaha. What a fun adventure! more
darlene kline says:
A grand gift of wit Grant! more

Tonight I was perusing articles and videos on one of my favorite sites, Matador Network, and I came across an article about quitting your job and traveling the world. Seeing as though I am currently doing this, I wanted to …

Danielle says:
We didn’t get to grow up together, that in itself makes me sad, and this... more
Grant Kennedy says:
Thanks Lorinda! Ill miss you too but hopefully see you in May across the pond! more